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Join me,

in collaboration with Jess Veltman,

as we share

the power of

nutrition, mindfulness, & meditation

in 4 upcoming classes

Are you struggling to have enough energy to get through the day? Are you looking for simple ways that you can increase your energy levels and feel better overall? Does your morning routine need a bit of an uplift?

In this class, we will be discussing how we can start our day in order to keep our energy levels up all day long. We'll be sharing nutrition information as well as incorporating meditation and mindful movements that will restore energy levels & nourish both our body and our mind.


Sunday, November 4 @ 9:30 - 10:45 AM

Find Your Unwind

Sunday, November 18 @ 9:30 - 10:45 AM

The practice of self-care is far too often overlooked. Without giving ourselves what we need, we are unable to provide the same level of care to things and people we love the most.

Join us for this class where we will be discussing habits and practices that can be used on a nightly basis in order to truly relax and find a place of calm within ourselves. We will be utiliizing nutrition knowledge and hands-on meditation and breathing techniques to help you find your unwind.

What does it really mean to be mindful? Is mindfulness simply the newest trend that everyone is talking about, or is it something more? Something incredibly powerful?

Mindful eating. Mindful moments. Mindful practices. Each and every day. That's what this class is all about. We'll be talking all about slowing down and giving more meaning to everyday tasks. We'll also be breaking down the importance of slowing down when it comes to the way that we eat, and how it truly is affecting our body.

Be Mindful

Sunday, December 2 @ 9:30 - 10:45 AM

Be Present

Sunday, December 9 @ 9:30 - 10:45 AM

During the holidays, how often do you find yourself feeling guilt or shame for what you are consuming? How often do you feel not quite good enough during family obligations or other events that you can't fully enjoy?

What is the best way to eat? How can we keep our calm during times of high-stress?

There is no one answer to these questions, but we want to break the one-size-fits-all approach and cut through the restrictions that we place on ourselves. During this class, we will help you navigate through your own personal answers, and break the cycle of shame. Come and see what being present can feel like now, and take home ideas to continue the practice of experiencing this moment, here and now. 


SolePath Institute

1329 8 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB


1 class = $25 per person
2 classes = $45 per person
3 classes = $60 per person
4 classes = $65 per person



Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Questions? Contact me.

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